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Information about the pieces

Here is information I provided in another email about the roughs
Nidud- I want him to have his influence and presence felt in any piece of architecture or prop that is connected to him in some way (outside of his daughter Bodvild) He is supposed to feel very commanding, dark, and fill a giant room with his presence. (I am also working on his stylization) Nidud imprisons Weyland, takes his sword, Gram, and the ring that Weyland gave to his first love, Hervor. Nidud gave the ring to Bodvild. Nidud takes away all that Weyland holds dear to him.

Weyland- The Hero of our story. Powerful, and humble, confident, but always yearning for his first love Hervor (until he meets Bodvild). Weyland is the Blacksmith of all Blacksmiths. using magic he can forge just about anything form anything. In some ways he should have a Christ-like presence, royal and divine, when he is at his high points of the story. But when he is first banished to Saeverstod, he is broken inside, and filled with wrath and grief. At his low point he should be able to emanate a feeling of sorrow and discomfort when he is seen.

Bodvild- She symbolizes Weyland's hope, and redemption from his low point. She sneaks to Saeverstod, the island prison that Weyland gets banished to, to have her most prized treasure mended, a ring given to her by her father one day. She heard of a master Blacksmith servant that her father "employed" so she travels to Saeverstod to find Weyland. Weyland wins her heart as she wins his and eventually wed one another in secret. But Weyland must eventually defeat her father, Nidud, who imprisons her after discovering their feelings for one another.

Saeverstod island is a sky island, "skyland". Here is where Weyland gets imprisoned, and here is where Weyland crafts himself wind wings, a new sword, and meets his new beloved, Kind Nidud's daughter, Bodvild. I am trying to hint at it being a place where Weyland meets Bodvild by having the two hills face each other. I was also trying to give is a whimsical sense of adventure through the shape language.

Nidud's Castle is one I am having trouble with. Because of my lack of experience of drawing castles, I am not only struggling with the basic sense of architecture, but I am also having trouble giving it a stronge sense of design language, I am wanting the castle to feel intimidating and dangerous (sort of like sauran's tower or Arthas' Ice Citadel, but not nearly as complex)

Weyland's hut isn't unlike that of a Hobbit home, which is very similar to the styles of homes used by the Vikings. His home is located in "Wolfdale" (valley of the wolves) which is why I am working out some interesting wolf designs (only one of them is pictured here). This location is supposed to have a feeling of serenity and peace. To Weyland this is where he and his brothers lived with three Valkyrie women as wives. This is also where Weyland gets captured by Nidud and his minions.

The Idea I have for Gram, the ultimate sword forged by weyland, is that it will take on some of the personality traits of the one who holds it. In this case it is Weyland and Nidud. When wielded by Weyland, it's true master, the "eye of Odin" placed in it will shine the color blue, and the sword will have a polished gold, and white look to it. When wielded by Nidud, the "eye of Odin" will shine a deep green, and appear black and purple and very "deathly".

Nidud will have a variety of minions scattered throughout the various locations in Midgard (earth), they come in many shapes and sizes, many specializing in different forms of combat. They are all supposed to give an immediate read that they are an enemy.

I am planning on redesigning the frost giants I did in your concept art class. I am trying to give them more of an entertaining "dopey" look.

This is the "wind forge". When Weyland gets imprisoned on Saeverstod Island, He constructs a magical hearth that can smelt and craft air into various magical artifacts and treasure. The floating rock in the middle is the "stone of harmony" which can be obtained through the "tears of Yrimir" The inscription is the Nordic rune symbol for "air/ harmony".

I have a few more ideas, that I don't have polished out in sketches yet, but here they are anyways

The Wind Spire - this is used to transport Weyland to Saeverstod
Tear of Yrimir- These are dragons located in the sky realm, Weyland has to slay one of these to craft the "wind forge"
Nidud's throne room
Forest Sprites
Weylands Wind hammer

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